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Croatia Europe Mountain Road

Passing though the 1,4 km Long Tunel Pitve

Facts Location: Croatia Length: 8,1 km Built: 1962 Width: one lane Surface: asphalt Surface quality (out of 10): 5 Highest point: 168 m (551 ft) Operating times: open all year via Tunel Pitve Route: from Zavala to Svirče Tunel Pitve Road Description Tunel Pitve is located in Croatia, on the Hvar Island, Jelsa district. It features a 1400 meters length and will make …

Coastal Road Croatia Europe

D102 Stara Baska – the Road Taking to the Krk Island

Facts Location: Croatia Length: 48.3 km Width: 5 m, 2 lanes Surface: asphalt Surface quality (out of 10): 8 Operating times: throughout the year via D102 Route: from Šmrika to Baška The D102 Stara Baska Road The D102 Stara Baska road is a very scenic drive in Krk, an island located in Croatia, in the northern Adriatic Sea. Like most roads in …