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Europe Finland Mountain Road

Finland’s Iconic Rallies on Ouninpohja Road

Facts Location: Finland Length: 30,6 km (22 miles) Width: 2 lanes Surface: gravel Surface quality (out of 10): 6 Highest point: 180 m via Ouninpohjantie Route: from Länkipohja to Hassi Ouninpohja Road Description If regular roads just won’t do the trick anymore and you’re interested in trying out a road that will give you a real adrenaline …

Europe Finland

Koli Ice Road- The Drive Where Breaking the Rules is too Dangerous

Facts Location: Finland Length: 7 km (4.3 miles) Width: 2 lanes Surface: ice Surface quality (out of 10): 6 Highest point: sea level Operating times: when the ice is more than 40 cm thick Route: from Vuonislahti to Koli Koli Ice Road Description Did you ever drive on an ice road? Well, that really is a unique experience. It …