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A Drive Through the Kotsifou Canyon in Crete

Facts Location: Crete, Greece Length: 4,3 km Width: 5 m standard, 2 lanes Surface: asphalt Surface quality (out of 10): 7 Highest point: 600 m Operating times: all year round via Epar.Od. Rodakinou – Sellias Route: from Sellia to Kanevos Kotsifou Canyon Road Description The Kotsifou Canyon is a gorge located on the island of Crete, in …

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Colorado Scenic Byway – Highway Of Legends in Colorado

Facts Location:  Colorado, USA Length: 131 km (82 miles) Built: 1970 Width: 5 m, 2 lanes Surface: asphalt Surface quality (out of 5): 4 Highest point: 3.046 m (9995 feet) Operating times: all year round Route: La Veta to Cuchara Scenic Highway Of Legends Description Colorado is home to many beautiful places, and it offers diversity when it comes to …

Europe Italy Mountain Road

Italy Never Ceases to Amaze and Passo Brocon Is Just Another Reason

Facts Location: Italy Length: 28,2 km (17,5 miles) Built: between 1905 and 1908 Width: 2 lanes Surface: asphalt Surface quality (out of 10): 7 Highest point: 1,616 m (5,302 ft) Operating times: open all year via SP75 and SP79 Route: from Grigno to Passo Brocon Passo Brocon Road Description Passo Brocon isn’t just one of the many mountains passes Italy has to offer. It’s …

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Stelvio Pass – the highest paved mountain pass in Italy

Facts Location: Sondrio Province, Italy, Europe Length: 21.5 km from Bormio, 16 km from Santa Maria Built: 1820–25 Wide: 5 m standard, 2 lanes Surface: asphalt Surface quality (out of 5): 5. According to many reviews, it’s a perfectly paved road Highest point: 2757 m Operating times: June – September Strada Statale 38 del Passo Stelvio SS 38 Route: Bormio – Passo dello Stelvio, Santa …