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The Andrenaline Pumping Journey on Ruta Panoramica

Facts Location: Puerto Rico Length: 172 km (107 miles) Built: 1974 Width: 2 lanes Surface: asphalt Surface quality (out of 10): 8 Highest point: 1338 m (4,390 feet) Operating times: open all year via Carr Puerto Rico 2 S/PR-2 E and Expreso Luis A. Ferré/PR-52 Route: from Mayagüez to Yabucoa Ruta Panoramica Road Description Looking for a way to explore Cordillera Central? Well, driving …

South America

The Road Connecting Chile to Argentina- Paso de los Libertadores

Facts Location: Argentina and Chile Length: 18,4 km (11,4 miles) Width: 2 lanes Surface: asphalt Surface quality (out of 10): 7 Highest point: 3,207m (10,521 ft) Operating times: can close during winter via E-781 and Ruta 60 Route: from La Yesera to Portillo Paso de los Libertadores Description Passing from Chile to Argentina will take you on one of the …