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Location:  Alpes-Maritimes, France

Length: 46.9 km

Wide: 5 m standard, 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 10): 8

Highest point: 1,607 m (5,272 ft)

Operating times: open all year (it can be closed because of snow)

via M70 and D2566

Route: from Sospel to Belvédère

Col de Turini

Col de Turini Road Description

The Col de Turini was made famous by Motorsport, as well as Top Gear, the TV show featuring the best driving roads in the world. So, it’s no wonder they chose this one and included in the top 10 best roads to drive in the world. It’s a high mountain pass located in the Alpes-Maritimes in France and has no less than 34 tight hairpins. This route is close to the Cote d’Azur and only 45 minutes away from Monaco. It starts in Sospel and ends in Belvédère. The stretch features plenty of hairpin turns that wind up the side of the mountains. Drivers will love the ride on this route.

While starting the drive, you will leave the coast and the bustle behind. Also, the gradient will be a soft one to start with, and the views will become more picturesque.

The pass is traversed by the D2565 road, and it’s famous for a stage of the Rally of Monte Carlo. Along the route, you will notice the sheer drops and plenty of hairpins to make you dizzy. This road has also been featured in the Tour de France.

The road

Col de Turini in  France

The drive can be varied as there are three possible routes to reach the pass. Starting from D 2565, the elevation gain is 1.107 meters and the ascent 15,3 km long. Starting from L’Escarene, the elevation gain is 1.532 meters and the ascent 30,2 km long.
From Sospel, there will be an elevation gain of 1.244 meters and the ascent 24 km long.

As additional information, note that the pass is open all year, but it can be closed during the winter months when the access is not cleared of snow. You wouldn’t want to drive it during winter because it’s a dangerous road and has many challenging stages. Its 34 tight hairpins are both exciting, but also challenging. The road rarely permits to go over the speed of 30km/h because of all the blind corners, and the curvy and mountainous road.

The Col de Turini has been named as one of the greatest roads in the world, and it also is an engineering masterpiece. There is a 25 km stretch that goes through the mountains, between Sospel and La Bollene. The same section also features the 34 impressive hairpins you drive through as you climb to an altitude of 1,607 m.

The bottom part of the road is more open and flowing. Even so, it’s still narrow, and it features blind corners too. As you go up, the road becomes more difficult. You will see the mountain rock on one side and drops on the other side.

When it comes to scenery, the road has a beautiful one. The landscape combines trees, with rocks and drops with spectacular views. Moreover, the pass is traversed by the scenic Route des Grandes Alpes. You will have plenty of things to see on the Col de Turini road while enjoying an exciting drive.

Col de Turini

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