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Location: Crete, Greece

Length: 7,3 km (4,5 miles)

Width: 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 10): 8

Highest point: 786 m (2,578 feet)

Operating times: open all year

via Epar.Od. Vruson-Choras Sfakion

Route: from Impros to Epar.Od. Vruson-Choras Sfakion

Imbros Gorge (Crete)

Impros – Komitades Road Description

The Impros – Komitades road is located in Crete, Greece and is an excellent opportunity for drivers to enjoy a steep and exciting route, with lots of hairpin turns, as well as tunnels. Even more, since this is both a coastal and a mountain road, you will get to see the beautiful shades of blue coming from the sea. The drive combines both types of landscape and will show you a diverse scenery.

Crete is one of the many Greek islands that offers some great roads to deive. This one demands plenty of concentration as it can be a difficult one. It includes steep sections with a gradient of up to 10% and 18 hairpin turns, plus three tunnels.

The road links the towns of Impros and Komitades and, along the way, you will see some breathtaking views. You can see the sea on one side and the mountains on the other side. The Impros – Komitades road also has a fearsome reputation. That is why many enthusiast drivers come here to enjoy the adrenaline rush. You will see the sheer drops along the entire route.

The drive

Impros - Komitades Road

The road winds along the coast and features no less than 18 hairpin turns, as well as three tunnels. The surface is asphalted, so the ride will be pretty smooth along the way.

Starting from Komitades, at an elevation of 178 m above the sea level, the average gradient is 4,86%, and the altitude gain is 608 m. As mentioned before, the drive can get pretty steep, with sections of up to 10%.

It’s located within the White Mountains range, so you will feel the elevation drops. Also, although the route is open all year, it can sometimes be closed because of landslides. Check before deciding to come here and try out this ride to see what’s the road’s status.

The destination of this route, Imbros Gorge, is one of the second most popular gorges in Crete. The first one is Samaria, and it’s parallel to Imbros, for around 11 kilometres. Hiking here is popular among tourists, and it takes about 75 minutes to get to the narrowest and most spectacular part of the gorge.

Overall, the Impros – Komitades is a fun road to drive. Those that enjoy a spectacular coastal road will find it here. The 18 serpentines make it more thrilling, and the three tunnels add more diversity to the drive. Sliding on the twisting turns while having the view of the blue sea right in front of you is quite the experience when driving.

The Natural Tour of Imbros Gorge

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