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Location: Taÿgetos Mountains, Peloponnese region, Greece

Length:  63,1 km

Wide: 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 10): 8

Highest point: 1,524m (5,000 ft.)

Operating times: open throughout the year

via EO Kalamatas Spartis

Route: from Sparta to Kalamata

Langada Pass

The Langada Pass Description

Langada is one of those passes that gives drivers everything they need to have an exciting trip. It’s a high pass in the Taÿgetos Mountains, the Peloponnese region of Greece, at an elevation of 1,524m (5,000 ft.).

This route encompasses a whole collection of hairpin bends, tight squiggles. Also, you will find here a harrowingly deep gorge and a significant ascent. So, on this road, you find  all the elements you need to have a memorable drive in a beautiful area of Greece.
The road leading to the summit is called Route 82. It links Sparta to Kalamata. It’s asphalted and takes you on one of the most stunning routes in the area. To be fair, Greece has many of them. This happens thanks to the mountainous landscape, and this one is one of the best.
As you climb, the view will become a panoramic one. Even more, it will only get better once you head over to the summit. You will understand why this road has been named to be one of the most stunning ones in Greece.

The most dramatic segment

Langada Pass

Drivers can enjoy a collection of hairpin bends and a steep gradient. If you start from Mikri Mantinia, you will also have some coastal views. Here, the ascent will be 39,3 km long. The elevation gain is 1,399 meters. The most dramatic segment is located 20 km west of Sparta. On this section, the road clings to the cliffs of the Langada Gorge. This part features many tight turns and what seem to be gravity defiant horizontal ledges.

Driving through Langada Pass will take you towards many Greek destinations: Mistras, Nedousa, Alagonia, Piges, Kardamili, Kalamata and so on.

This pass offers a unique combination of breathtaking views and thrilling driving sections. Moreover, around the mountainous pass, there is plenty of lush vegetation. This includes exotic plants and green spots mixed with edgy rocks. As you drive towards the summit, the view will keep on getting better. Firstly, the heights offer tourists a unique panorama. Secondly, the hair pin turns that will give drivers the thrill they need when driving on such a road.

Even though, this pass isn’t a touristic spot, it’s a destination by itself. This is possible thanks to its unique characteristics. To conclude, it’s safe to say this is one of Greece’s best road to drive.

Hell of an Autumn Ride, Langada Pass – Our Bumble

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