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Location: Norway

Length: 50,8 km (31,6 miles)

Width: 2 lanes

Surface: asphalted

Surface quality (out of 10): 9

Highest point: 1,389 m (4,557 ft)

Operating times: from May until November

via Fv51

Route: from Garli to Hindsæter

National Tourist Route Valdresflye

National Tourist Route Valdresflye Description

One of Norway’s best drives is the National Tourist Route Valdresflye. This road will allow you driving in the open landscape as it swoops and stretches out on the undulating terrain. During this drive, you will always have the heights of the mountains on the horizon, as well as many attractions that are worth seeing around. As the name says, this is also a great choice for tourists that want to admire Norway’s landscape, a truly special and remarkable one.

Like many other national tourist routes in Norway, the natural surroundings are combined with a great road to drive. This route starts in Garli and continues until reaching Hindsæter. Even though it seems an easy drive, during winter, it’s closed and for good reasons. Besides the low temperatures and snow, the winds sweep over the plateau and the snow masses cover the road. You can also feel the wind blowing strong. That is why this route is only open between April-May and December.

Driving on this touristic route

Valdresflye - National Scenic Routes in Norway

If you’re here, prepare to enter in the touristic mode. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take a lot of photos. Just soak in the views and that should be enough.

This national route is also called  County Road 51 (Fylkesvei 51) and climbs the Valdresflye. The road on this mountain plateau reaches an altitude of 1,389 m (4,557 ft) above sea level. From this height, you will also have some incredible views of Jotunheimen National Park. The scenery includes a cultivated landscape combined with mountain pastures. It’s a vast landscape that you can enjoy while driving on this smooth road.

You can start the National Tourist Route Valdresflye in Garli and end it Hindsæter. You will have around 50 km to enjoy the serene beauty of the vast Norwegian landscape. This route isn’t one of the famous scenic drives in this country for nothing. You will drive through the eastern part of the Jotunheimen mountains and on to Valdres. This trip will provide you with endless views as you swoop into the Jotunheimen massif.

The road is wide enough for two cars, and the asphalt quality is high. If you drive here when it’s dry and the weather conditions aren’t too extreme, your journey will be a quiet one, perfect for admiring the views. At a higher altitude, you can see the Jotunheimen National Park. In this part, the mountains are steeper and wilder, so prepare yourself for seeing a special scenery.

Overall, driving the National Tourist Route Valdresflye is a pleasant experience if you want to unwind while on the wheel. The landscape is impressive no matter of the seasons you’re visiting this is. This touristic route is a great way to admire Norway’s specific natural landscape while also enjoying a good road to drive on a smooth road.

Scenic Route Valdresflye

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