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Location: Washington, USA

Length: 7,8 miles (12,6 km)

Width: 1,5 one lane

Surface: gravel

Surface quality (out of 10): 5

Highest point:  6,150 feet (1,874 m)

Operating times: July to October

via Obstruction Point Road

Route: from Hurricane Ridge to Obstruction Point Trailhead 

Obstruction Point Road

Obstruction Point Road Description

Obstruction Point Road is a dangerous road located in the Olympic National Park, in Washington, USA. This means it comes with fantastic views, as well as with an adrenaline rush. So, it’s the perfect choice for those that want a less common route to drive on and a new challenge to test their driving skills.

This dirt road is known as Washington’s scariest road and will take you at a high elevation. Departing from Hurricane Ridge, you will be at an altitude of 5,242 feet above sea level and, and, approximately eight miles east to Obstruction Point, you will reach an elevation of no less than 6,150 feet. After starting the drive, a couple of miles further, you will drive through the trees, but soon after the landscape will open up as you turn along a ridge. This will allow you to admire the beautiful panoramas of the Olympic Mountains.

The road

Hurricane Ridge to Obstruction Point

This road is closed most time of the year. You can come here for a drive only during the summer season, from July until October as the weather is harsh in the area. It’s unpredictable, and heavy snowfalls can block the path. Overall, it’s considered to be a dangerous road also because it features a single lane. Also, let’s not forget this is a dirt road and other challenges come with this type of drive. When here, one must go slowly and carefully. Even so, many avid drivers come here looking for adventure. It becomes busy usually during the summer weekends.

Adventure seekers will find here just what they need. The Obstruction Point Road is winding and barely wide enough for two cars to pass at once. There are many sections with no border and a drop o hundreds of meters. Also, there are blind corners, elevation changes, as well as many twists and turns as the route snakes up the mountain.

Gravel covers this dirt road, another fact that makes it more suitable for adequate cars, such as SUVs. Since it’s not such a wide road and features only a 1.5 lane, you have to pay attention to other cars passing. You will come across some steep drop offs at the shoulder, but the view at the end of it is a rewarding one. Along the way, you will also come across some view points showing you some amazing views over the Olympic National Park.

It takes skills and patience since this can be a challenging drive, but there are many drivers that are coming just to do that, test their skills. The scenery in the area is spectacular, so that’s a great addition to this route. Overall, even if it’s a difficult dirt road to drive, the experience is worth it, especially if you enjoy this kind of roads. And, as mentioned before, the view are really nice and make the drive a more enjoyable one.

Obstruction Point Road

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