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Location: Romania, Europe

Length: 105 km

Wide: 5 m standard 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Operating times: almost all year (in the winter it may be closed some parts of the road)

Roads: DN3 and DJ391A

 Route: From Ostrov to Negru Vodă

From Ostrov to Negru Vodă

Description of the road from Ostrov to Negru Vodă

Considering that the highway helps you to get from Bucharest to Black Sea in just two hours. There is no reason to choose another route. Except if you want some time to admire the unique beauty of the south Dobrogea. And you can do that by driving on a different route, from Ostrov to Negru Vodă.

The route from Ostrov to Negru Vodă offers you a relaxing drive that winds among hills filled with vineyards and forests. More than that, you have the opportunity to pass the Danube River at Chiciu (before Ostrov) with the ferry. Don’t worry if you have a car with low clearance. When you get off the ferry, you should know that only the driver stays in the car.

From Ostrov to Lipnița the road is almost straight, with a few wide curves. After that, all the way to Căscioarele, you will meet all kind of curves which won’t let you get bored of the ride.

The asphalt is good in general, but pay attention to the road as there are some areas with potholes that appear out of nowhere. Also, there are sections paved with stone.

Ostrov-Negru Voda

Sightseeing on the road From Ostrov to Negru Vodă

Without stopping, the total time of the ride will be around three hours. In the area you can visit the citadel of Adamclisi, Tropaeum Trajani Monument and Dervent Monastery. Near Ostrov, you will find Bugeac Lake, a small corner of paradise for fishermen. It was declared a protected natural area among other things, thanks to the species that live here (for example dalmatian pelican). The lake communicates directly with Danube River.

The road features an easy difficulty, but pay attention to serpentines, villages with children and animals in the road and animal-drawn carts.

The average speed is 80km/h, because in some portions the road is with cubic stone (especially between Ostrov and Băneasa).

The beauty of this road is given by the hills and valleys, by the vineyards and forests and the places full of history. Beside all of these, the driver will be fascinated by the sweet serpentine and the free road.

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