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Location: Italy

Length: 40,6 km (25,2 miles)

Width: 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 10): 8

Highest point: 2,047 m (6,716 ft)

Operating times: July – October

via SP31

Route: from Molina di Fiemme to Borgo Valsugana

Manghen Pass view

Passo Manghen Road Description

Passo Manghen is a dangerous road in South Tyrol, in the Trentino province of Italy. Even though it’s not as famous as other passes in the country, this path should be on your list if what you are looking for is a thrilling ride. The road taking you to the Manghen Pass reaches an elevation of 2,047 m (6,716 ft) above the sea level, and it’s a ride you will surely enjoy. Here’s why.

During all the way going up, you will have to drive on a series of hairpin twists, in a very narrow road. There also are many blind turns, and the maximum grade is 16%. Luckily, the road surface is in excellent condition so you can enjoy every part of it. This also is the most southern paved road located at a higher altitude than 2000 m. There is a sheer drop of hundreds of meters, so driving carefully is a must.

The route feels like you’re driving on a remote forestry road since it’s narrow and is surrounded by woods. It links the Fiemme valley with Valsugana, and Molina and Castelnuovo, in the south.

Passo Manghen

There are two routes to reach Passo Manghen. One of them starts from Molina di Fiemme. From here, the ascent is 16.4 km long, the elevation gain is 1,229 heightmeters, and the average percentage 7.5 %. Starting from Borgo Valsugana, the ascent is 23.4 km long, the elevation gain is 1629 heightmeter, and the average percentage 7 %. As you can see, this is a challenging climb from either side.

As you drive this route, before reaching Passo Manghen, you will notice that the forest ends at the timber line and the rest of the road continuer through the meadow. After 900 ft more, you will reach the summit, where you will find a place where you can enjoy the views from. The landscape during the drive, as well as the one from the summit, are beautiful and make the drive a more enjoyable experience.

The route that goes downhill will give you more views over the pastures. You will find more curves on your way down until reaching the village Telve. Also, along the way, there will be more picturesque typical Italian villages to stop by and admire.

Passo Manghen offers an amazing road to drive on. The ride is filled with adrenaline because of its many blind curves and hairpin twists. The climb is tough, but worth it, and enthusiast drivers should definitely come here and give it a try.

Passo Manghen road

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