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Location:  Andalucia, Spain

Length: 38,9 km

Width: 5 m, 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 10): 7

Highest point:  2,041 m

Operating times: all year

via A-337

Route: from La Calahorra to Cherín

the road  (A337)

Puerto de la Ragua Road Description

The Puerto de la Ragua is a high mountain pass located in the Andalucia region, in Spain. More specific than this, it can be found in the Sierra Nevada National Park, so you know it’s also going to be a scenic ride.

This mountain pass with a maximum altitude of 2,041 m is the passageway between the coast and the inland.
If you want to take the most scenic route, you could start the journey from Malaga towards Motril and then continue the drive towards the pass. The route we’re recommending today is the one starting in Cherin to La Calahorra or the other way around.

This pass is located in a mountain range in Andalucia, in the provinces of Granada and Almeria. It’s traversed by the A-337 road, the ones you will also use for this trip.
The A-337 is asphalted and very narrow. It’s usually open throughout the year, but it can also be closed when the snow is not cleared.

To reach the summit, there are two routes you can take. If you start from Cherin, the ascent is 26 km long and the elevation gain is 1536 heightmeters and the average percentage 5,9%. Starting from La Calahorra, the ascent will be shorter, of 17 km and, over this distance, the elevation gain 921 heightmeters, with an average percentage of 5,4%.

Panoramic views at the top

Puerto de la Ragua

While driving this road, you will have some stunning panoramic views. You will also see a spectacular scenery if you take a break from driving and hike a bit to the “Morrón del Hornillo” or “Chullo”, the highest peak of Almeria. From this area, you will also see the peaks, as well as the great plain of Marquesado, Sierra de Baza, the Filabres and the Sierra de Cazorla, to the north. To the south, you can gaze at the Sierra de Gador, Contraviesa, the Mediterranean Sea and even Africa, during some clear days.
Also, many people come here for the sporting activities that take place in the area. You can go skiing, hiking, biking and more.

While driving the  road, you will enjoy the thrill of a dangerous road like this one is considered to be. It’s a narrow road and features many twists and turns, perfect for the passionate drivers. Overall, the Puerto de la Ragua road has all the elements that make a drive an unforgettable experience.

 Puerto de la Ragua

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