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County: Romania, Europe

Length: 49 km

Time: 1 h

Surface: asphalt, some uneven areas or areas in construction

Highest point: 1250 m

Lower point: 400 m

Medium speed: 70-90 km/h

Route: from Sacele to Cheia

Description for DN1A – from Sacele to Cheia road

Driving on Cheia road while coming from Brasov, you have to pass along the Sacele artificial lake, a skyline-silver window clear lake, shaped like a perfectly flat disc of metal. It’s not hard to imagine and realise this is an idyllic scene that takes our breath away, a real touristic paradise.

Apart from the amazing scenery you will enjoy while here, the road is a thrilling one as well. Starting from either Sacele or Cheia, the road is winding and has large curves that are easy to climb.

Driving on the Cheia road

The asphalt is pretty good in this area and there are not other cities in between. The forest begins and the curves get less easy to negotiate with. On the way, you can see the dove-white mountain soared into the sky. Shrouded in ghost-grey mist, the mountains look mysterious and catacomb quiet. The air becomes chilling and numbing. Since you might find some potholes and you certainly will come across slippery slopes if you drive during cold weather, you will soon realise the Cheia road is an engaging one. IT will keep you amused and, depending on skill level, challenged. You have to limit your speed to 60-90 km/h, not just because of the curves, but to be able to see the beauty of the nature

Cheia road – twists and turns on DN1A

Cheia road to Sacele


After almost 24 km of larger or narrower curves, the forest hides the sounds of the traffic and replace them with bewailing sounds ghosted through the trees. While heading to Pasul Bratocea, you will reach the highest point of the pass. The altitude will give you a much cooler ride. Arriving in Prahova County, you have to go down a steep slope for several hundred meters. Even so, in a short while the road will become less challenging again.

Pasul Bratocea is one of the most popular roads for bikers, being one of the easiest access road from Bucharest to Brasov. It features a good quality of the asphalt. In 15 minutes you will arrive to Cheia. In Cheia, you will find two major touristic attractions, Suzana and Cheia Monasteries. Also, there are lots of small hotels in the area, where you can spend some quality time and enjoy the silence.

The Romanian national road, DN1A it’s quite difficult, especially between Cheia and Sacele but it’s worth doing it, for the beautiful landscape, shadowy forests and the panoramically view over the Maneciu lake.

Cheia Road Maneciu lake

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