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Location: Lombardy, Italy

Length: 46 km

Built: 1593

Width: 5 m, 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 5): 4

Highest point: 1,992 m

Operating times: May to October

Route: Olmo Al Brembo to Morbegno

San Marco pass

San Marco Pass Road Description

The San Marco Pass Road is one of the routes one should take in order to admire the beauty of the Alps. Also, it’s one of the driving routes that combines all the elements to enhance the joy of driving on a scenic, mountain road.

The Passo San Marco was built in the late years of the century when the Republic of Venice decided a new path is needed. Its goal was to create new road ties between the Grisons and the Republic. Initially, this was a paved road and, soon after World War II, a new one has been built, more modern and better.
The San Marco Pass road is a high mountain pass, and the highest point here reaches 1.992 m altitude. It links Val Brembana with Valtellina, and we recommend to you the route from Olmo Al Brembo to Morbegno or the other way around to thoroughly enjoy the sights it offers and the pleasure of driving it.

If you start from Morbegno, the ascent is 26.6 km, while if you begin the trip from Olmo al Brembo, the ascent is 18.2 km long. Starting from the Olmo Al Brembo, the climb will have an elevation gain of 1429 heightmeters, with an average percentage of 7.9. From Morbegno, the elevation gain is 1742 heightmeters. Overall, both routes are similar with minor differences. The road is not that steep, but it’s enough for you to feel it when driving towards the summit.


San Marco Pass

The route over this pass is the Strada Provinciale 8. Before getting to the San Marco Pass, at 1.830 m you will come across a house dating in the late 16 century. It was meant to provide care to those travelling during the cold seasons.

The north side is more open compared to the southern part. We suggest you to stop by and enjoy the views.

All in all, this mountain road will give you the chance to enjoy the pleasure of driving on a smooth road with serpentines, that shows you a beautiful scenery. As you probably already know, any route in the Alps is worth driving. It’s impossible to feel disappointed after an experience like this.

The mix between the elevation gain, the curved and smooth road and the stunning landscape is something you cannot go wrong with.

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