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Location: Austria, Alps, Europe,

Route: from Galtür to Vorarlberg

Elevation: 2,032 m high

Length: 22.3 km

Operating times: from June to October

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality: good

Silvretta Alpine Road in Austria Free Stock Photo


Silvretta Alpine Road is one of the most popular panoramic roads in the Austrian Alps. Its beauty will make this drive a special one and you will have plenty of scenic images to enjoy.

For those that do love a good drive, note that the road curves abruptly more then 30 times. Yes, you read that right. It provides some cool snapshot views of a spectacular landscape, pure pleasure and a good dose of adrenaline for the driver. The Silvretta Hochalpenstraße High Alpine Road is located in a mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps, called Silvretta Alps. It starts in Partenen, in Montafon (1051m altitude), climbs up to the toll road of  Bielerhöhe, at 2032m altitude, it then goes up to Galtur (1584m) and then it  crosses from the Bielerhöhe to Vorarlberg.

What can you see along the Silvretta alpine road?

The drive reveals breathtaking wild mountain landscapes and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the view of the highest mountain in the Austrian Silvretta, the Riz Buin. Further on, the car smoothly slides over the even asphalt until Bielerhöhe. Here you can take advantage of the many sports opportunities offered. You can even enjoy a nice meal in one of the cozy restaurants that awaits tourists with local goodies.  Bielerhöhe is situated at the top of the Silvretta-Hochalpenstrasse, between Montafon and the Paznauntal valley. It also known for the numerous hikes and tours that tourists can take in the nearby.

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Silvretta alpine road – when to visit?

There is a fee you have to pay if you want to ride this beautiful road and it also includes a flyer with a beautiful panorama map of the whole Silvretta region. Don’t forget to ask for it because it can come in handy. Also remember that, as it is a high mountain road, due to the weather conditions, it’s only open in the summer, from June to October, but even in this period the landscape can look like winter, so be prepared.


The Partenen toll station is at an altitude of 1.051m. On the other side of the mountain, in Galtur, the toll is located at 584m high. The slope is about 10 – max. 12 % and can be reduced to 5 % in the hairpin bends.

Overall experience

The experience of testing this road is remarkable. Take into account that on the entire Silvretta High Alpine Road there is speed limit of 70 km/h and the local police is around frequently. At the end of the storage lake, it’s worth it to plan a bigger break to enjoy the beauty of the glacier region of the famous Piz Buin mountain. Overall, if you like alpine roads at high altitudes, you will also enjoy this one. So, don’t miss it when around.

Silveretta Bielerhohe road view            Silvretta alpine road lake view

Germany mountain road silvretta alpine

Silvretta road drive in Austria

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Silvretta Alpine Road in Austria

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