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Location: Norway

Length: 44,2 km

Width: 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 10): 8

Highest point: 1.322m (4,337ft)

Operating times: May to November

via Rv53 and Tindevegen

Route: from Årdal to Turtagrø


Tindevegen Road Description

Tindevegen is one of the Norwegian Tourist routes, as well as a mountain road between Årdal and Turtagrø. This high mountain pass reaches an elevation of 1.322m (4,337ft) above the sea level, and it’s located in the Sogn Og Fjordane county.

Driving on a National Tourist Route is always a good idea because you know what to expect. During the journey, you will see amazing panoramic views and drive on a narrow and steep road with lots of twists and turns. Drivers love this kind of roads and enjoy every mile of it.

The Tindevegen is also called the “the shortcut through Jotunheimen”. It’s open from May to November and even though it’s quite narrow, it’s suitable for cars, RVs and smaller busses. It’s an asphalted road with steep sections of up to 12,5%.

The route we recommend, today starts in Årdal and continues until Turtagrø. You will be able to drive a distance of 44 km, and the ride will surely be a pleasant one. The road is a spectacular one and features many hairpin turns and breathtaking views.

The drive

Tindevegen - National Tourist Route

Along the way, you will see the impressive peaks of the Jotunheimen mountains. Also, just a short walk from the road, you can see the Hurrungane peaks and Store Skagastølstind mountain in the east, as well as the Sognefjord and Skjolden in the west.

Driving on this National Tourist Route is a great experience for enthusiast drivers. Along the way, you will find many sharp and blind curves and hairpin switchbacks. The road is a narrow one, so meeting and passing along another car will be a challenge.
This scenic route is also referred to as “Roof of Norway” because of the several viewpoints it offers. The high elevations also come with steep grades and changes of altitude. All these add more thrill to your drive and journey.

Combining a scenic route like this one with an exciting road to drive on makes the perfect mix for those that love driving. It’s a thrilling experience and the best way to visit a new country. Moreover, since we’re talking about Norway, you’re guaranteed to see a unique landscape, so this is not a drive you will want to miss.

Tindevegen - National Tourist Route

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