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Location: Romania, Europe

Length:  40 km

Width: 5 m standard 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Highest point: 1.000 m

Operating times: all year

Road No. DJ582

Route: from Resita to Slatina Timis


Description of the Transsemenic road

TransSemenic (DJ582), the newest alpine road in Romania (inaugurated in December 2014), isn’t totally new. What’s new is the section between Slatina Timiș and Văliug that was recently restored after 60 years of continuous degradation. Now the road is completely paved with asphalt, from start to end, offering a great pleasure to drive.

Also, called Banat’s Transalpina, DJ582 connects Slatina Timiș village and Reșita city (both in Caraș-Severin county) crossing Semenic Mountains.

With a length of almost 40 km, Transsemenic is shorter than Transbucegi or Transalpina. But this road can easily compete in beauty of the landscape with the two mentioned above, more popular roads.

Transsemenic road seen from above

Driving on the TransSemenic

The driveway goes through the resorts Gărâna, Trei Ape, Brebu Nou and Văliug and offeres you a wonderful scenery. On its way, the road passes by Gozna Lake and Trei Ape (three waters) Lake. You can stop by and visit each. Nature offers amazing scenery and it’s a pity to miss it if you’re in the area. 

The greatest gift that a mountain road can offer you are the colors of the forest that you’re passing through and the surprise of the next curves. This happens especially during autumn. Actually, no matter of the season, this is a great choice for a drive. Each time of the year comes with different scenery and colours. 

When it comes to the drive, DJ582 has sharp bends, but also sweet curves, a real pleasure for any experienced driver. And after every curve, you will discover a new landscape.

TransSemenic, ending at the intersection with E70, crosses the Semenic Mountain from east to west. The highest point is 1.000 meters altitude.

Transsemenic, the newest alpine road in Romania

En route

To enter to TransSemenic you have two choices. You can go either on the old version, from Reșița to Văliug or the new version, from the National Road 6. Coming from Caransebes in Slatina Timis turn right towards the center and there continue straight, in addition to the cultural center.

During winter, the usual surrounding landscape totally transforms when snow falls. The mountains dress in white and the trees are sagging because of the weight of the flakes. The best part is that you can enjoy this view, because the road is open even in the winter.

From this route, you have easy access to 21 kilometers of slopes from Caraș Severin County. It’s a good place for a winter holiday since you can take your skiing equipment and test the slopes.

In the area, you can visit the famous Bigar Waterfall, the Beiu’s Eye Lake, the Devil’s Lake Cave, The Danube Boilers, Iron Gates National Park and other beautiful places. 

So, this great ride is made of an amazing road, neat and filled with twists, as well as of the landscapes nature paints. It’s one of the best roads to drive in Romania. 

Banat  mountain road in Romania

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